Psychotherapy for Healing and Transformation - Dana Bail, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I provide counseling to people of all ages who are struggling to find peace within themselves.
We often find ourselves stuck within the grip of anxiety and depression due to the impact of unresolved trauma.  These traumatic events can be either "big" or "small," yet they can interfere with the ability to live and love fully.
It is possible to learn to love the unlovable and accept the unacceptable through a growth in awareness and compassion towards all that we are.  

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us" 
                                                                                                                         Joseph Campbell

Children and Teens
I have many years of experience working with children of all ages.  I have helped young people struggling with the impact of divorce, domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse, ADHD, mood disorders, trauma and loss.  

I work creatively with children through expressive arts and play to help them access internal resources that will give them strength and support throughout their lives.  I help adolescents and teens struggling with challenges in school and relationships and address issues underlying self-harming behaviors.  I believe it is important that parents learn how to best support their child's particular challenges and needs.

I work with adults who are experiencing a challenging life transition or struggling with symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder or PTSD.  I work with many people on resolving their childhood trauma related to incidents of domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

I have completed training in two therapy modalities that are useful in treating trauma.  I offer EMDR therapy and Hakomi therapy in addition to my supportive strengths-based approach.
EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is widely recognized as an effective form of trauma treatment by organizations including the American Psychiatric Association and Department of Defense.  One of the elements is bilateral stimulation using either eye movements, tones or taps.  This process enables you to experience new insights and associations, and changes in memories that have previously been triggering. 

I have experienced quick and effective results using EMDR therapy with survivors of childhood abuse, domestic violence and victims of crime. 

This therapy can help you in the process of reclaiming your power and your life.   

Hakomi Therapy
I am trained in the Hakomi Method, which is a mindfulness-based body-centered therapy that transforms traumatic wounds into powerful resources for personal growth and empowerment.  

Unmet needs from childhood can be accessed through attention to your somatic experience in the here and now.  Positive resources from your "adult self" and the therapist's support guide you toward healing and integration.  

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