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"We're all just walking each other home" - Ram Das

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My passion for psychotherapy began while working with the homeless population, juvenile offenders, and elementary sc​hool children in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was able to build powerful bridges with individuals from vastly different backgrounds and was constantly reminded of our common wounds, fears, hopes and dreams.  I received my MSW in New Mexico before embarking on a journey of healing and transformation that began at the Esalen Institute and continued through my travels in India. I studied yoga very seriously at this time and continue to be most supported by yoga, meditation, dance, travel, family, friends and the great outdoors.

Since relocating to Santa Cruz, I have been a counselor in the local elementary schools and worked at an agency that addresses the needs of children who are impacted by domestic violence. I have provided therapy in a variety of settings including a non-profit agency serving adult clients with chronic physical and mental health issues.  I started private practice as an intern in 2011 and obtained my LCSW license in 2012. My passion lies in helping individuals reclaim their power from traumatic experiences and realize their fullest human potential.

For each person I walk with, it is truly an honor! 

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