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"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us"

- Joseph Campbell

I provide psychotherapy to people in the Santa Cruz area who are experiencing a challenging life transition or struggling with symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder or PTSD.  I work with many people on resolving their trauma related to incidents of domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse, accidents, natural disasters, bullying and neglect. These traumatic events can be either big or small, yet they can interfere with the ability to live and love fully.

I offer support around issues of codependency and insecure attachment in relationships and can help you improve your skills with communication and boundaries. We can also work on coping skills that help you self-soothe and reduce anxiety around intimacy.

I believe in a holistic approach toward treatment and incorporate mindfulness practices and education about lifestyle management into my sessions. I use a mind, body, spirit framework to evaluate and treat your symptoms.

I have completed training in two therapy modalities that are useful in treating trauma and attachment wounding. I offer EMDR therapy and Hakomi therapy in addition to my supportive strengths-based approach.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is widely recognized as an effective form of trauma treatment by organizations including the American Psychiatric Association and Department of Defense. One of the elements is bilateral stimulation using either eye movements, tones or taps. This process enables you to experience new insights and associations, and changes in memories that have previously been triggering.  EMDR also effectively addresses the negative beliefs you have internalized as a result of this trauma. We work to uncouple the negative belief with the traumatic incident and replace it with a more empowering view of yourself and the world.

I am consistently amazed at the quick and effective results of using EMDR therapy with all forms of trauma from specific incidents of violence and abuse to more complex relational trauma. It is almost as if the traumatic memory disappears from your mind as it no longer holds the same power. People often describe it as feeling distant or appearing as if an image on a screen.

The insights that come from working through the places the trauma has kept you stuck are profound. Often we are unaware of how we are held back by these past events because we have never fully understood and addressed their impact. This therapy can help you in the process of reclaiming your power and your life. 


Read more about the evidence based practice of EMDR therapy and the EMDR Institute at 

Hakomi Therapy

I completed the Comprehensive Professional Training in the Hakomi Method, which is a mindfulness-based body-centered therapy that transforms traumatic wounds into powerful resources for personal growth and empowerment. Unmet needs from childhood can be accessed through attention to your somatic experience in the here and now. Positive resources from your "adult self" and the therapist's support guide you toward healing and integration.

The core principles of this method have shaped a great deal of how I approach the therapeutic process. These include Mindfulness, Nonviolence, Unity, Organicity and Mind-Body Integration.

Read more about the Hakomi Method at

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